About me.


Love: I hit the life lotto with my wife and friends.  You'll have to read more of the site to find out about them.  They are far too exceptional to be individually described in bullets.

Work: I've had a lucky, wonderful and bizarre career path to be sure.  Thus Far I've been:

  • A construction worker
  • A pub waiter/bartender
  • A fine-dining waiter
  • An actor
  • An Elementary school teacher
  • A software developer
  • A manager of Software developers
  • A software company founder and CEO
  • Currently a CCO (Chief Customer Officer)

Play: Damn, I loved to fish, kayak, play golf, ski, drink bourbon with my fool friends, travel with my wife and more.  Aside from drinking bourbon and light travel with my wife, most of those things are on hold right now (June 2017), but they won't be forever.  I'll get back to them eventually.  It just takes time.

Next Steps...

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